The Legacy Project

the legacy project share: The Legacy Project: Extraordinary art and process that celebrates culture and legacy and builds bridges within and across communities. Carolyn Dorfman Dance honors her Jewish legacy, its trials and triumphs, treasured uniqueness and precious commonalities across cultures and the globe. Among Ms. Dorfman’s preeminent works is the Legacy Project, a celebrated […]

The Attitude of Doing (2022)

The Attitude of Doing is Dorfman’s first collaboration with jazz violinist extraordinaire and MacArthur Fellow, Regina Carter.  Both moved in their respective arts by a humanist vision, through recorded and commissioned music, they invite the audience in to experience life’s messages. With Carter’s exquisite sound and range, the music ranges from her Mwanatalitambula, a Ugandan […]

Now (2022)

NOW is a new work by renaissance artist and nationally renowned dancer and choreographer Juel D. Lane (a former Carolyn Dorfman Dance company member currently dancing with Broadway, dance, and TV award-winning choreographer and director Camille A. Brown). Perfectly made for this time of uncertainty, NOW showcases Juel’s signature fast-paced, heart-stopping choreography is a defiant […]

Prima! (2021)

Carolyn Dorfman’s PRIMA! celebrates the 5-decade career and range of the inimitable Louis Prima. Through the use of full songs including the iconic “Sing Sing Sing” and “Jump Jive and Wail” and musical collage, Dorfman explores the full, driving, and buoyant sound of Louis Prima and his band.  Dorfman, too, features the powerful, virtuosic, and […]

Waves (2015)

With commissioned score by virtuosic musicians and dancers who push the boundaries of their art forms: cellist Jessie Reagen Mann, multi-instrumentalist and human beat boxer Pete List and recorder player Daphna Mor – the sky’s the limit. This piece is extraordinarily stunning when performed with live musicians. Dorfman uses this eclectic and unusual grouping of […]

Cat’s Cradle (2007)

In Cat’s Cradle, Dorfman incorporates music and lyrics written by Ilse Weber, a “resident” of Theresiendstadt, and performed by Bente Kahan, a brilliant Jewish-Norwegian artist and vocalist. The full company work is centered on three women with yarn. The yarn is both a metaphor for extraordinary stories of her family and the reality of her mother […]

Mayne Mentshn (My People) (2001)

Carolyn Dorfman created Mayne Mentshn as a tribute to her family, from her nuclear and extended family, to the human race at large. It is about a spirit and passion for life, people and truth. It is about life, death, survival and renewal. Part 1: The Klezmer SketchIn The Klezmer Sketch, Dorfman mines the exuberant, joyful, yet […]