Now (2022)

NOW is a new work by renaissance artist and nationally renowned dancer and choreographer Juel D. Lane (a former Carolyn Dorfman Dance company member currently dancing with Broadway, dance, and TV award-winning choreographer and director Camille A. Brown). Perfectly made for this time of uncertainty, NOW showcases Juel’s signature fast-paced, heart-stopping choreography is a defiant […]

Snap Crackle Pop (2018)

Snap Crackle Pop is a groundbreaking collaboration between Carolyn Dorfman and Renée Jaworski, Co-Artistic Director of PILOBOLUS, as it is the first time, since its inception, that internationally renowned, PILOBOLUS, has co-created a new work on a company other than its own. In this oft hilarious, yet thought-provoking new work, Dorfman and Jaworski merged their signature styles […]

Unfolding (2017)

In this work for five dancers, Kim explores her roots and her life’s journey on three continents. A native of Japan, Kim is of Korean descent who studied dance and performed in Europe and the US. In this work, long fabric strands are used as a metaphorical “fan” (a key element of Korean Dance) of […]

Portrait Perfect (2014)

Portrait Perfect is a commissioned quartet by award winning and cutting edge choreographer Peter Chu. Featuring explosive movement and sinuous partnering, Chu creates a cinematic work unmasking the outer façade and inner darkness of relationship.

Narcoleptic Lovers (2012)

Narcoleptic Lovers is guest choreographer Doug Elkins’ electric and oft hilarious, full company work. Using his signature eclectic movement vocabulary, the work draws on modern, hip-hop, ballet and martial arts with an equally broad range of music – Mozart, hip-hop by Urban Species and spoken word and music by Sinead O’Connor and Lenny Bruce.

Dance/Stories (1996)

Dance/Stories, an enchanting interdisciplinary collaboration featuring a selection of folk tales and stories from around the world, artistically explores the integration of narrative, music and movement to illuminate our common humanness. Through image and metaphor, the dancers magically weave the threads that create a tapestry that “bathes the senses and the soul” Drawing from the rich fabric […]