August 14th, 2024
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Cat’s Cradle (2007)


“Chilling in its impact, yet buoyed by the love shared by the narrators, Cat’s Cradle tells a story that theatergoers will not forget.” –The Star Ledger

In Cat’s Cradle, Dorfman incorporates music and lyrics written by Ilse Weber, a “resident” of Theresiendstadt, and performed by Bente Kahan, a brilliant Jewish-Norwegian artist and vocalist. The full company work is centered on three women with yarn. The yarn is both a metaphor for extraordinary stories of her family and the reality of her mother and her two sisters who knitted while telling their tales and thus knit the family together across generations. It is, in the end, a piece about connection and memory…past, present and future.


Choreography by Carolyn Dorfman
Lyrics by Ilse Weber
Music by Ilse Weber and Bente Kahan
Additional music/lyrics by Karel Svenk
Music Performance by Bente Kahan on her album Voices from Theresienstadt
Lighting Design by Sean J. Perry
Costumes by Katherine Winter