August 14th, 2024
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Cercle d’Amour (2010)


“...compelling symbolism... the hoop suggests the way love shelters people, and the desire that brings a couple together within its mystic enclosure.” -The Star Ledger

Cercle d’Amour is Ms. Dorfman’s choreographic response to what she was once told: “laughter, too, can change the world.”

Cercle d’Amour explores the visual and movement metaphors evoked by a resonant and versatile prop, the American icon, the hula-hoop.

Featuring music by Andy Tierstein, this ensemble work illuminates various aspects of relationships including play, competition, and fantasy. Cercle d’Amour opens a dialogue on love that invites audiences to think, laugh, and enjoy.


Choreography by Carolyn Dorfman
Music by Andy Teirstein
Costumes and Prop Design by Anna-Alisa Belous
Custom Hula Hoop Construction by KaytiBunny Roberts