July 15-19, 2024
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Cries of the Children (1983/1991)


Ms. Dorfman calls "Cries" the "second-generation response" to the Holocaust and regards the work as a form of "collective memory," linking present and future generations to a lost humanity and culture. Barbara Gilford- The New York Times

Cries of the Children was Dorfman’s first, but not last, work that dug deep into her roots as a child of Holocaust survivors.  With the backdrop of Roman Vishniac’s photographs of pre-war Poland and a hauntingly moving score by David Darling (1979), Cries of the Children, originally a trio, was expanded to a dance for 6 in 1991.  Bridging past and present, she explores the pain of “the witness of the witness” and speaks not about the survivors, but about the questions and pain of their children.  Dorfman asks: “Who were these people I did not know? Was I like them? How did my parents survive?”  And ultimately, “Would I have survived?”


Choreography by Carolyn Dorfman

Music by David Darling

Photography by Roman Vishniac (used with permission)

Original Set Design by Peter Adams

Photo selection- Jacob Bender

Costumes by Laura Drawbaugh

Creation Cast 1983: Cecelia Bozak, Barbara Hayley, Robin Sandberg (fka Andrews)

Creation Cast 1991: Dina Macaione, Russell Aubrey and Sean Sullivan

This dance was made possible, in part, by a 1983 Choreography Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State.