July 15-19, 2024
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Dance/Stories (1996)


“The joyful noise and the soulful cry of one person sings in the stories of all people.”

Dance/Stories, an enchanting interdisciplinary collaboration featuring a selection of folk tales and stories from around the world, artistically explores the integration of narrative, music and movement to illuminate our common humanness. Through image and metaphor, the dancers magically weave the threads that create a tapestry that “bathes the senses and the soul”

Drawing from the rich fabric of material in Dance/Stories, Carolyn Dorfman Dance works closely with presenters in designing school and community programming that would complement the performance and provide access to the artists and their process.


Conceived/Directed/Choreographed by Carolyn Dorfman with Charlotte Blake Alston
Music by Horacee Arnold and John Blake
Storytelling by Charlotte Blake Alston
Set Design by Christine Martens