August 14th, 2024
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Drawing On Your Inner Creativity

by Kristine Leslie

Our Artistic Director has done it again! In Carolyn’s usual eloquent way, at her October TEDx Talk at the Madison Community Arts Center, she enlightens the audience about creativity and the creative process she uses to problem-solve, both in the studio and in life.

“Whether it is personal or professional, individual or collective, the essence of creativity is in our conversations, the dialogue between the world you encounter and the unique power of you.” – Carolyn Dorfman

Carolyn articulates that everyone is creative, even if you don’t think so. She posits that it manifests in innumerable ways: writing a business plan, planning a meal, building a relationship, and, yes, to making a dance. The creative and performing process she uses with her dancers is “dancing from the inside out,” or “centered-driven” movement. This is the key to really unleashing our full potential.

Showing excerpts from dance works, Pastorale Pause and Interior Designs, the audience is transported into different worlds where the creation of these works, inspired by external circumstances, represent experiences in dialogue with the artist’s lens.

Most importantly, she emphasizes the the “Power of You”- that the unique person you are, through your lived experiences, can find solutions to issues and situations which are different, yet just as important and valid as the person next to you. How does your creativity show up for you? What inspires you to continuously cultivate it?

Click here to view Carolyn’s moving story in full.

“Absolutely brilliant Carolyn! Your creativity and talent is boundless.” – Angels Gang Company, an online apparel company.