Narcoleptic Lovers (2012)
"...rowdy..." "...zany..." - the Star Ledger

Narcoleptic Lovers, by Doug Elkins, is a tour de force. A series of letters to former lovers, this vibrant work was set on the company by original cast member of Doug Elkins Dance Company, Fritha Pengelly.

Using his signature eclectic movement vocabulary, the work draws on modern, hip-hop, ballet and martial arts with an equally broad range of music – Mozart, hip-hop by Urban Species and spoken word and music by Sinead O’Connor and Lenny Bruce.


Choreography by Doug Elkins
Restaged by Fritha Pengelly
Music by Gavin Bryars, Mio Morales, Mozart, Urban Species, and Sinead O’Conner
Costumes by Anna-Alisa Belous

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