August 14th, 2024
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works archive

He Walks on the Wings of the Wind (2007)

commissioned by Access to Art

Bear to Witness (2006)

with music composed by Sarah Plant

performed by cellist Dawn Avery and percussionist Café da Silva

Lovelines (2003)

Choreography by Carolyn Dorfman
Music featured songs by Lonestar with original music by Greg Wall
Costume Design by Russell Aubrey
Set Construction by Acadia Scenic
Recorded Voices of Amanda Duffy, David Foubert, Roderick Lapid, Molly McCann, and Heather Murdock (Members of The Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey’s Shakespeare Live Theater Company)

Primal Axis (1999)

inspired and including a 17 foot hanging sculpture by Myron Wasserman with commissioned score by Daniel T. Denver

A Fork in the Road (1996)

audience interactive work with commissioned score by Horacee Arnold with live performance by Horacee Arnold, Rufus Reed and Mitch Stein

Living Room Music (full Company expansion) (1994)

with commissioned score by Neil Woodson

Different Trains (1993)

with commissioned score by Rob Kaplan

Three (1992)

commissioned by the Composers Guild of New Jersey, music by Paul Mazurek

Living Room Music, Part I (1992)

dance collage of Company history and works, collaboration with video artist Dennis Diamond

Scrapbook (1992)

dance collage of Company history and works, collaboration with video artist Dennis Diamond

Video/Vantage (1991)

a dance/video collaboration with videographer Dennis Diamond, commissioned score by Horacee Arnold

Broken Dreams (1990)

music by Patsy Cline

From the Midpoint (1989)

with commissioned score by Michael Mortilla (first choreographed and performed at The Yard, Chilmark, MA).

The Master (1989)

with original score from Michael Raye

Conversations (1988)

with original score by Michael Raye

Solo for the New Moon (1986)

with music by Bill Buchen

Flowers Don’t Bloom in Winter Anymore (1985)

with original music by Lou Grassi

Our Town (1985)

with original music by The Night Hawks

Evol Teud (1984)

with music by Bill Buchen

Sonata (1984)

with music by Telemann

Signatures (1983)

with music by Bill Buchen

Meadowfire (1983)

with music by Ibert

The New Life (1982)

with a script by Gloria Borak Demby

Maria Marie (2013)

Choreographed by Mica Bernas

Enigmotion (2005)

Choreographed by Aiden Treays

Soul Descending (2005)

Choreographed by Noel MacDuffie

Too Much on My Plate (1997)

Choreographed by Claire Porter

Concerto Grosso (1994)

Choreographed Jose Limon (reconstructed by Nina Watt)

Dancing in the Dark (1993)

Choreographed by Peter Anastos

Cradle Song (1992)

Choreographed by Robin Shevitz Aubrey