July 15-19, 2024
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40th anniversary
commemorative book addendum

This addendum features the names of unidentified dancers featured in photos, additional information, and where indicated, corrections/omissions. All names are listed from left to right unless otherwise delineated.

page 1

Cover photo – Quincy Dow

page 4—5

Interior Designs Louie Marin, Mica Bernas, Caroline Dietz, Alex Biegelson, and Ae-Soon Kim (barely visible- Ashleigh Hunter Avery)

page 6

Dance/Stories Brandon Jones, Ae-Soon Kim, Quinton Guthier, Marie Lloyd Paspe, Caroline Dietz, and Justin Dominic

Snap Crackle Pop Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo), Quinton Guthier, Lara Friedman-Kats, Eric Perra, Marie Lloyd Paspe, Jenny Gillan Powell, Justin Dominic, and Caroline Dietz

WAVES – Justin Dominic, Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo), Brandon Jones, Ae-Soon Kim, Louie Marin, Quinton Guthier, and Jenny Gillan Powell 

Echad (One) Joan Chiang Paulin, David (Chien Hui) Shen, Noel MacDuffie, Jacquie Dumas Albert, Pamela Wagner, Jon Zimmerman, Lindsey Dietz Marchant and Wendee Rogerson

Pastorale Pause Kaila Moses, Martina Viadana, Jarred Bosch, and Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo)

Interior Designs – Caroline Dietz, Alex Biegelson, Ae-Soon Kim, Mica Bernas, Brandon Jones, Jacquie Dumas Albert, Louie Marin, Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo), Tyner Dumortier, and Ashleigh Hunter Avery

page 7

Dance/Stories – Noel MacDuffie, Wendee Rogerson, Emily Gayeski, Jon Zimmerman, Joan Chiang Paulin, Jacquie Dumas Albert, David (Chien Hui) Shen, and Lindsey Dietz Marchant.

page 8

Keystone Jacquie Dumas Albert and Louie Marin

Photo by Vandy Photography – Quincy Dow and Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo)

page 9

Photos by Lois Greenfield – 

(lower photo) Russell Aubrey and Jaan R. Freeman

(upper photo) Robin Aubrey (fka Shevitz), and Russell Aubrey

page 10

Traces (lower left)- Rian Maxwell, Justin Dominic, and Caroline Dietz

Traces (upper left)-  Quinton Gutheir, Ae-Soon Kim, Louie Marin, and  Rian Maxwell

Love Suite Love Jacquie Dumas Albert, Joan Chiang Paulin, and Sarah Wagner Surber

Pastorale Pause Jarred Bosch, Brandon Jones, Martina Viadana, Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo), and Kaila Moses

Living Room Music, Part 1 – Lisa Charnholm (fka Bonomini), Robin Aubrey (fka Shevitz), Jaan R. Freeman, and Adrianna Thompson

Different Trains – Jaan R. Freeman, Russell Aubrey, and Andrew Tadeusz Carter

page 11

Tikkun – David (Chien Hui) Shen, Mark Taylor, and Anna Woolf

Interior Designs Jacquie Dumas Albert, Alex Biegelson, Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo), Tyner Dumortier, and Ae-Soon Kim

Echad – Emily Gayeski, Nancy Hubner (fka Shevitz), Wendee  Rogerson, Jon Zimmerman, Pamela Wagner, Deirdre Smith, and Noel MacDuffie

page 12

Cries of the Children (large photo) – Kyla Barkin, Jenna Riegel, Sarah Wagner Surber, and Anna Woolf

Cries of the Children (small photo) – Barbara Hayley, Robyn Sandberg Andrews, and Cecelia Bozak

page 13

Mayne Mentshn (My People) – The Three SistersBrandon Jones, Caroline Dietz, Ashleigh Hunter Avery, Adam Gauzza, Louie Marin, and Jenny Gillan Powell

Mayne Mentshn The Arrangement – Nancy Huber (fka Shevitz),  Wendee Rogerson, Christophe Jeannot, Jon Zimmerman, and  Deirdre Smith

Mayne Mentshn My Father’s Solo – Wendee Rogerson

Mayne Mentshn The Arrangement – David (Chien Hui) Shen and Emily Gayeski

Cat’s Cradle Jacquie Dumas Albert, Sarah Wagner Surber, and Joan Chiang Paulin 

page 14

Backstage Pass Performance – Caroline Dietz, Lara Friedman-Kats, Brandon Jones, Carolyn Dorfman, and Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo)

Monmouth University Gallery – Brandon Jones, Eric Parra, Marie Lloyd Paspe, Quinton Guthier, Caroline Dietz, and Terri Wright

Intergenerational Workshop – Carolyn Dorfman with elders

Teaching Partnering – Caroline Dietz, Louie Marin, and Mica Berna with 5th grade students.

Family workshop – Carolyn Dorfman and Ae-Soon Kim with families

page 15

Carolyn Dorfman and audience members

page 16

Lifeline – Jodi Falk, Steven J. Myers, Lauren Helfand, Denise Kay, Susan Kohout Rosenberg, and Donna Rolleri

Conversations – Donna Rolleri, Tim Allan, Jodi Falk, and Robin Aubrey (fka Shevitz)

Photo by Lois Greenfield – Laurie Pasqual (fka Hershberger), Jaan R. Freeman, Pamela Cohen Bernstein, Tony Morales, Robin Aubrey, Carolyn Dorfman, Russell Aubrey, Lisa Charnholm (fka Bonomini), Adrianna Thompson, and Dina Macaione Latoff

page 17

Photo by Grigory Gurevich – Mica Bernas, Brandon Jones, Ae-Soon Kim, Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo), Brittanie Brown, Tyner Dumortier, Alex Biegelson, Louie Marin, Jacquie Dumas Albert, and Anna Woolf

Photo by Vandy Photography – Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo), Samantha Altenau, Nina Chong-Jimenez, Caroline Dietz, Brandon Jones, Carolyn Dorfman, Quincy Dow, Jarred Bosch, Kaila Moses, and Lara Friedman-Kats

page 18

Photo by Lois Greenfield – Wen-Lin Tsuai Murray, Lisa Charnholm (fka Bonomini), and Robin Aubrey (fka Shevitz)

Photo by Whitney Browne – Lara Friedman-Kats

page 19

Photo by Lois Greenfield – Jaan Freeman, Robin Aubrey, Lisa Charnholm (fka Bonomini) and Russell Aubrey

Mayne Mentshn (My People) – Noel MacDuffie with Jon Zimmerman and David (Chien Hui) Shen

Photo by Vandy Photography – Nina Chong-Jimenez

page 20

Photo by Vandy Photography – Brandon Jones

The White Waltz Carolyn Dorfman

Concerto Grosso – (left photo) Dina Macaione Latoff, Robin Aubrey, and Jaan R. Freeman

(right photo) – Lisa Charnholm (fka Bonomini), Robin Aubrey (fka Shevitz), and Russell Aubrey

Portrait Perfect Jacquie Dumas Albert, Brandon JonesKatlyn Baskin (fka Waldo) and Louie Marin

page 21

Sephardic Songs – Susan Kohout Rosenberg, Donna Rolleri, and Denise Kay

Trafalgar Square – Mary Ford, Russell Aubrey, and Robin Aubrey (fka Shevitz)

Dancing in the Dark – Dina Macaione Latoff?, Robin Aubrey (fka Shevitz), and Carolyn Dorfman

Soul Descending – Pamela Wagner

Enigmotion – Pamela Wagner, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Noel MacDuffie, Jacquie Dumas Albert, David (Chien Hui) Shen, Jason Dietz Marchant, and Joan Chiang Paulin

Narcoleptic Lovers Jacquie Dumas Albert, Brandon Jones, Brittanie Brown, Tyner Dumortier, Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo) Alex Biegelson, Ae-Soon Kim, Mica Bernas, Anna Woolf, and Louie Marin

Unfolding – Elise Paccico, Louie Marin, Brandon Jones, Caroline Dietz, and Quinton Guthier

Snap Crackle Pop – Quinton Guthier, Elise Paccico, Eric Parra, Marie Lloyd Paspe, Lara Friedman-Kats, Katlyn Baskin (fka Waldo), Justin Dominic, Brandon Jones, and Caroline Dietz

NOW Khalid Dunton, Brandon Jones, Kaila MosesCharles Scheland, and Carmella Taitt

page 24

top row, left to right:

Portrait Emily Gayeski, Ashley Searles, Nancy Hubner (fka Shevitz), Katie Stevenson-Nollet, and Wendee Rogerson

Sextet – Ae-Soon Kim, Louie Marin, and Jenny Gillan-Powell

Primal Axis – Trey Gillan, Josh Cohen, Katie Stevenson-Nollet, Wendee Rogerson, and Nancy Hubner (fka Shevitz)


middle row, left to right:

Echad – Pamela Wagner and Jon Zimmerman

Traces – Mica Bernas and Louie Marin


bottom row, left to right:

Photo by Vandy Photography – Caroline Dietz

Photo by Vandy Photography – Quincy Dow, Lara Friedman-Kats, Jarred Bosch, Nina Chong-Jimenez, Samantha Altenau, and Brandon Jones

Photo by Whitney Browne –  Jenny Gillan Powell

pages 18-19

Staff – Donna Rolleri

Dance Artists of the Company – Pamela Wagner


Pastorale Pause is the correct spelling of the dance on Page 10

Katie Stevinson-Nollet is the correct spelling of Dance Artist name on Page 19