“As a child of survivors of the Holocaust, the wounds of such actions are seared in my soul, and the pain in my mother’s eyes is real as she witnesses this resurgence of hate and intolerance at the forefront of American life.”
– Carolyn Dorfman  

Dear Friend,

On behalf of Carolyn Dorfman Dance, we stand in grief, yet in resolve, with those affected by the horrible events in the past week. From Kentucky to Pittsburgh and across the nation, we see what racism, anti-Semitism, bias, xenophobia, and intolerance can breed.  

Unchecked hate that begins to seem normal…that is how the worst begins. We must work hard to fight hate with love. DEPTH, (Dance that Empowers People To be more Human) is at the core of our work. Our board, our leadership, our artists, and our staff embrace a world that is rooted in humanism.

Through our art, our programming, and our lives, we strive to change the world: one event, one action, one person at a time.  Building relationships, understanding, and connections within and between individuals and communities is both our goal and the greatest hope for our collective futures.  

Sending hopes for healing, action, and change.

Carolyn Dorfman Signature

Carolyn Dorfman
Founder/Artistic Director

Leah Kronthal Signature

Leah Kronthal
President, Board of Trustees

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