The Attitude of Doing (2022)

The Attitude of Doing is Dorfman’s first collaboration with jazz violinist extraordinaire and MacArthur Fellow, Regina Carter.  Both moved in their respective arts by a humanist vision, through recorded and commissioned music, they invite the audience in to experience life’s messages. With Carter’s exquisite sound and range, the music ranges from her Mwanatalitambula, a Ugandan […]

Now (2022)

NOW is a new work by renaissance artist and nationally renowned dancer and choreographer Juel D. Lane (a former Carolyn Dorfman Dance company member currently dancing with Broadway, dance, and TV award-winning choreographer and director Camille A. Brown). Perfectly made for this time of uncertainty, NOW showcases Juel’s signature fast-paced, heart-stopping choreography is a defiant […]

Prima! (2021)

Carolyn Dorfman’s PRIMA! celebrates the 5-decade career and range of the inimitable Louis Prima. Through the use of full songs including the iconic “Sing Sing Sing” and “Jump Jive and Wail” and musical collage, Dorfman explores the full, driving, and buoyant sound of Louis Prima and his band.  Dorfman, too, features the powerful, virtuosic, and […]

Snap Crackle Pop (2018)

Snap Crackle Pop is a groundbreaking collaboration between Carolyn Dorfman and Renée Jaworski, Co-Artistic Director of PILOBOLUS, as it is the first time, since its inception, that internationally renowned, PILOBOLUS, has co-created a new work on a company other than its own. In this oft hilarious, yet thought-provoking new work, Dorfman and Jaworski merged their signature styles […]

Traces (2016)

A groundbreaking work from the same creative team that brought you the acclaimed Interior Designs. Episodic in nature, Traces explores our common origins as human beings — the forces that shape and change us–divide and connect us. It delves into our family roots and foundations and our contemporary collective journey. At its core, it is a work about […]

Waves (2015)

With commissioned score by virtuosic musicians and dancers who push the boundaries of their art forms: cellist Jessie Reagen Mann, multi-instrumentalist and human beat boxer Pete List and recorder player Daphna Mor – the sky’s the limit. This piece is extraordinarily stunning when performed with live musicians. Dorfman uses this eclectic and unusual grouping of […]

Interior Designs (2013)

Interior Designs (ID) is a multi disciplinary collaboration with four superb female artists incorporating a commissioned score, original video projections and video mapping and integrated lighting and costume designs. In Interior Designs, the entire theater becomes the stage as Dorfman and her collaborators create an immersive environment that reveals the internal and external worlds of both performer […]

Keystone (2012)

“…a moving, playful, and rich commentary on relationship, coming full circle at the end.”- Arts America Dance Blog Set to classic songs by Rufus Wainwright, Louis Armstrong, and Jamie Randolph, Keystone is a duet that explores the endurance of relationships and the concept of staying power in a world that continues to embrace fast digital communication […]

Hourglass (2012)

Created in 1994 and reimagined in 2012, Hourglass is a solo revealing a women’s internal journey of wanting, waiting, anticipation, frustration, defeat, and finally, acceptance. It is set to a commissioned score by renowned cellist, Jessie Reagen Mann, with an enveloping electronic soundscape by Brian Noll.

Cercle d’Amour (2010)

Cercle d’Amour is Ms. Dorfman’s choreographic response to what she was once told: “laughter, too, can change the world.” Cercle d’Amour explores the visual and movement metaphors evoked by a resonant and versatile prop, the American icon, the hula-hoop. Featuring music by Andy Tierstein, this ensemble work illuminates various aspects of relationships including play, competition, and fantasy. Cercle […]