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“Ambitious…startling…this artist holds a tenacious belief in our ability to solve problems, get along and move forward together”

Hope springs eternal in Carolyn Dorfman’s new ‘Traces’, by Robert Johnson, (4/13/2016)


“What separates [Dorfman’s] dancers from painters, sculptors and musicians is their athleticism. They are artists and athletes. Superb athletes.”

Making connections with Carolyn Dorfman Dance, at the Bickford in Morris Township, by Kevin Coughlin, (11/3/2015)


With “…ingenious ensemble sections…”, “’Waves’ is a community that leaves no one behind.”

– Carolyn Dorfman Dance Premieres Ambitious ‘Waves’, by Robert Johnson, (3/18/2015)


“…a dance in which a tiger-claw attack mixes it up with classic modern symmetries, ballet steps and the sass of R&B is a dance that is ultimately about co-existence and not competition.”

Dorfman Embraces The New at Homecoming Show, by Robert Johnson, (10/31/2014)


 “Employing the latest Xbox technology, ‘Interior Designs’ spilled across the line that separates audience members from performers drawing everyone into its complex, digital world.”

– Top 10 Dance Events of 2013 — And More Dancing Memories to Cherish, by Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger (12/17/2013)


“Fully completing every movement idea, ‘Keystone’ led the audience on a journey of what happens when outside forces intrude on the developing relationship.”

– BWW Reviews: Endangered Species, WORKING WOMEN at the Joyce, by Amber Adams, (2/8/2013)


“Albert and Marin’s physicality was ever present in both the most intimate and moody moments to the most jubilant.”

-Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler: A Recap, by Miguel Angel Estefan Jr., (5/2/2012)


“[Dorfman’s] works are neither simplistic nor overwrought. They speak directly to the heart… They stimulate emotion without wringing us out.”

A Many-Splendored Thing: Carolyn Dorfman’s Dances About Love Win Hearts, by Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger (5/4/2010)


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