August 14th, 2024
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Echad (One) (2002)


“…intense, abstract and engrossing… Echad has riveting power…” -The Observer Tribune

ECHAD, the Hebrew word for “One”, refers to the power of one community; the uniqueness or oneness of each individual and the delicate balance between the two, that is the essence of our humanity.

At the center of the work is The Wheel. Both abstract and metaphorical it signifies the circle of life and community. It can embrace, imprison, give birth, cause death, create conflict or support, separate or join, burden or free, thus creating a shifting, changing image of human/community equilibrium.

“When they mount the wheel and start to roll with it, the tension builds. Brought to center, the gleaming object defines the stage as sacred space…A fascinating metaphor for Man’s struggle with faith.”-The Star Ledger


Choreography by Carolyn Dorfman
Music composition/arrangement/adaptation by Greg Wall
Costumes by Russell Aubrey
Lighting and Set Design by John Evans
Set Concept by Carolyn Dorfman