“Ms. Dorfman’s multi-ethnic, multi-faceted, multi-talented company has brought a breadth of creative, historical, and theatrical knowledge to our school district." - James Deworken, Former Special Project Administrator, New Brunswick Schools

Speaking Through Dance

Master artist/teacher Carolyn Dorfman and company members conduct choreographic and performance residency, exploring the expression of heritage and stories through movement and Dance. Supporting all of the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards in the Visual and Performing Arts, a dynamic and integrated approach involves the viewing, making and understanding of dance and its elements.

Some residencies culminate with a company and student performance. This immersive, creative process provides students with first-hand knowledge of how to move and to speak, on and off the stage. Selected performances are endorsed by the NJ Commission on Holocaust Education.

In the end, students will:

  • Experience the art and thereby increase aesthetic awareness.
  • Learn skills, the materials, elements, and terminology of the art.
  • Create art individually and collectively and express through their art.
  • Critique and analyze their own and others works of art.
  • Identify the social, political, cultural, and historical context of works of art, art forms, and styles within art forms and show how art helps us understand our world and each other.
  • Apply their newly acquired knowledge and creative skills in other arenas of life.
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