Date(s) - 10/19/2019
7:30 pm

Dr. Philips High School Magnet presents Carolyn Dorfman Dance

Dr. Philips High School Dance Magnet, 6500 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL, 32819

General Admission: $20

The stunning dancers of New York-area based Carolyn Dorfman Dance present an evening of bold, high-energy, evocative dance. Carolyn Dorfman’s powerful storytelling takes audiences on intellectual and emotional journeys that illuminate and celebrate the human experience. This thrilling performance features:

Odisea (Odyssey), a powerful homage to the journey of exiled Jewish refugees who arrived and established the first Jewish community in New York City;

Keystone, a duet that explores the endurance of relationships set to classic songs by Rufus Wainwright, Louis Armstrong, and Jamie Randolph;

WAVES, the sonically eclectic audience favorite that creates new and visceral movement connections between her dancers, the audience, the music and the dance;

and Snap Crackle Pop, Dorfman’s latest groundbreaking work, co-choreographed with Renée Jaworski, the co-Artistic Director of internationally renowned PILOBOLUS.

Registration available on September 25th at https://teachtix.com/dphs


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