Dear Carolyn Dorfman Dance Community,

Our founder/artistic director Carolyn Dorfman, the dancers, staff, and trustees of Carolyn Dorfman Dance hope his message finds you well, healthy, and safe.

We know of far too many who have experienced personal tragedies.

Our hearts ache for your loss.

We know so many feeling desperation about their livelihoods, jobs, businesses, their ability to put food on the table. We wish you the strength to endure, to hold on.

This harrowing pandemic has brought out the best in people and the worst.

We must hold fast to our moral obligation to call out the scapegoating and xenophobia we hear around us.  At the same time, we can feel truly heartened and lifted up by so many acts, both large and small, of amazing human kindness and decency we see around us. Dr. Craig Smith writes, “Nobility in small things will get us through this.”

We yearn to return to “normalcy.” Yet this crisis has changed us for the better in valuable ways. Life feels more precious now. Family feels more precious now. Our shared humanity is more clear to us now. Our capacity to be strong and resilient, to adapt and improvise is more apparent to us now.

Let us give the very best within us.

Carolyn Dorfman Dance is here for you. Take good care and stay safe!

Rabbi Stuart Gershon
Board of Trustees


P.S.  Please enjoy this beautiful, thought-provoking video by British poet Tom Roberts.

Tomfoolery – The Great Realisation from Tom Roberts on Vimeo.

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