August 14th, 2024
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Lifeline (1987)


“LIFELINE holds a charged focus for its eight dancers and its audience… this dance pulls at the emotions long after its images have faded.” (The Village Voice).

In Dorfman’s powerful LIFELINE (1987) with a driving score by Rob Kaplan, she explores the unidirectionality of time with a stunning work that scrolls from left to right past the audience view. This work speaks to our individual and collective journeys through life, a theme prominent in Dorfman’s work and process.  The ropes make visible human connection. “The tension from the ropes and the interconnectedness of the dancers make a strong and exciting statement about the bonds that join individuals across generations.” (The New York Times).


Choreography by Carolyn Dorfman

Music by Robert Kaplan 

Original Costume Design by Russell Aubrey, recreated and adapted by Anna-Alisa Belous 

Original Lighting Design by John Evans; redesign by Thom Weaver 

Creation Cast: Jodi Falk, Denise Kay, Susan Kohout

Performance by Caroline Dietz, Justin Dominic, Jenny Gillan-Powell, Quinton Guthier, Brandon Jones, Elise Pacicco, Marie Lloyd Paspe, Katlyn Waldo, and Terri Ayanna Wright