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Nai-Ni Chen, Kinetic Spiral Workshop

Nai-Ni Chen dancingTuesday, August 13th at 3:00 – 5:00pm

NJ SummerDance welcomes Nai-Ni Chen, founder and artistic director of Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company

Nai-Ni Chen will conduct a workshop on her unique technique and repertory. “Like visual poetry, Chen’s phrases, part exoskeletal rigidity, part boneless grace, embodied an epic dignity.” – The Village Voice

The Kinetic Spiral technique centers around the exploration of a wide range of physically challenging, intricate movement ideas that combines the grace, sensibility, delicacy, and flow of motion driven by the proper use of the breath, building a foundation to support the limitless spiral energy that supports the powerful athletic movements inspired by the common ground found in Chinese martial art, calligraphy, graffiti and contemporary dance. Ms. Chen will also introduce the fundamental elements involved in traditional Chinese Dance and how they serve as inspiration for creative movements.

About Nai-Ni Chen

“Spiritual Choreographer” -Dance Magazine

“A rare modern dance choreographer…”-NY Times

Nai-Ni Chen is the founder, choreographer and Artistic Director of the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company. Nai-Ni Chen comes from a rich dance tradition. She was a renowned traditional dancer who studied with some of the most respected Peking Opera and traditional dance masters in Taiwan. She served on several ambassadorial culture missions to 19 countries around the world. An early member of the Cloud Gate Dance Theater, she graduated from the Chinese Cultural University and came to America to seek her own voice in the world of contemporary dance. Since then, Ms. Chen has created a diverse repertory with dances some from hundreds of years ago to highly abstract, modern works. Touring over 20 years around the United State, her company is the premier resource for immigrant Chinese American cross-cultural dance works for presenters across the country. In addition to domestic touring, her company has also visited international festivals in Mexico, Canada, Germany, British Virgin Islands, Guatemala, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, South Korea and China with support from Fund for Mutual Understanding, The President’s Committee for the Arts, Arts International and the State Department of the United States.

Nai-Ni Chen has received multiple Choreographer Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and the NJ State Council on the Arts. Her work has been commissioned by the Joyce Theater Foundation, the Lincoln Center Institute, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Towson University, Dancing in the Streets, Ballet Met, and the Cleveland Dancing Wheels. She has taught master classes at colleges and universities throughout the United States and Russia, Poland, Taiwan, Mongolia, and China. Nai-Ni Che is currently in residence in New Jersey City University creating new dance program for the university as well as starting a new collaboration with the A Harry Moore Laboratory School for children with multiple disabilities.

Commissioned dances include Peach Flower Landscape for the Lincoln Center Institute, Qian Kun for the Joyce Theater Foundation, Unfolding for Dancing in the Streets, The Three Riddles of Turandot for New Jersey Ballet, Unconquered Warriors for Dancing Wheels, and Water and Tiger Lily for Ballet Met, The Way of Five – Fire for Townson University; Dragons on the Wall, a collaboration with Nobel Literature nominee Bei Dao and internationally acclaimed composer Joan La Barbara for the Alternate Roots Festival curated by Baraka Sele of New Jersey Performing Arts Center. She has set her choreography at Case Western Reserve University, Alvin Ailey school’s professional development program, and Long Island City University.

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