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Guest Artists’ Master Classes are included in full registration or can be attended at a drop-in rate of $30/each. Email Company Manager Madeline Moore, mmoore@carolyndorfman.dance, with any questions.

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Rokafella, Classic Hip Hop Dance and Culture

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Rokafella HeadshotNJ SummerDance 2018 welcomes Hip-Hop Artist and B-Girl Rokafella. “Classic Hip hop dance” is a term used to describe the styles that created the foundation of what is seen today in popular concert choreography and dance competitions. Breaking, Popping, Locking and Up/ Rocking emerged in the late 70’s in NYC. In the 80’s and 90’s other social dances appeared in response to the new rap music trends including New Jack Swing. This class will introduce students to basic movements in each of the styles with brief historical references that will help position today’s trends in a continuum of urban expression.

About Rokafella

Ana “Rokafella” Garcia is a NYC native who has represented Hip-hop dance professionally over the past two decades. She co-founded Full Circle Prod Inc- NYC’s only nonprofit Break Dance Theater company with her husband veteran Bboy Kwikstep. Together they have generated theater pieces, poetry, a documentary highlighting the Bgirl lifestyle entitled “All The Ladies Say” and original music based on her experiences growing up in Hip-hop’s Mecca. She is hired internationally to judge Break dance competitions based on her mastery of the classic Hip-hop dance style and she teaches unique workshops aimed at evolving and preserving its technical aspects. The NYC public, private schools and universities as well as local community centers present her workshops to aspiring dancers as part of mentoring programs. Presently she is an artist in residence at the American Tap Dance Foundation, an adjunct professor at The New School and former member of the Bessie’s Dance Performance Award committee. She has been featured in pivotal Rap music videos, tours, film and commercials as well as choreographed for diverse festival concerts such as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. In the Spring of 2017 she launched ShiRoka–a T shirt line collaboration with Shiro Japanese Graffiti writer to add to her Earring Designs which can be found at the Bronx Museum gift shop and online. Rokafella is a multi-faceted Hip-hop artist who references street and Latino culture as her foundation.




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