Carolyn Dorfman Dance is so grateful to Navy background with various posters in colors purple and sky blue. In the center of the image there are two females. On the left side there is a white shorter female with dark caramel buzzed hair wearing a creme shirt and triangle shaped earrings. She is wearing a black cardigan and holding a baby pink mask in her right arm as she smiles directly at the camera. On the right side of her, there is an African American female with short hair trimmed highly above the ears. She is wearing a black dress covered in sparkles. She is holder a phone in her left hand and is wearing white pearls as she pulls down her baby blue mask.our generous sponsors and patrons in joining us at SOPAC for our 2022 Gala Benefit Performance. Thank you to our Gala Committee, our Board of Trustees and volunteers for your enthusiastic and diligent support.

Congratulations to Carolyn, Juel D. Lane, and the company for a stellar performance. We’re still receiving accolades from audience members.

In the background, there is a silver elevator near a navy blue and creme wall. There are two females in the center of the image. The female on the left is an Asian-American with dark brown medium-length hair looking towards the camera as she wears a baby pink mask. She is wearing a creme and brown printed blouse with a silver chain. She also has a black blazer on top. On the right side of the image, there is a shorter, older female, wearing a red button up blouse with a black cardigan with red flowers imprinted on them. She is wearing a matching mask same colors as the cardigan with a red bonnet.

“Pitch perfect – a great and joyous way to bring people back together safely in celebration of not only excellence and survival but also triumph!”
– Betsy and Joel Sobo

“The program was well thought out with a beautiful serene start of Pastoral Pause, followed by a fierce tour de force of the world premiere of ‘NOW’ and closing out with the most uplifting, fun finale of ‘Prima!’. Thank you, Carolyn and the dancers for allowing us to experience such a journey.” – Joan Chiang Paulin

There are two images split down the middle for this visual. On the left side there is a smiling couple. One male on the left side with gray hair combed to the side with a grey suit and white button up and a yellow and green patterned tie. Next to the older white male is an older female with short trimmed reddish hair wearing a flower printed dress in all navy blue. On the right side of the image there are four individuals, two of them are males and two are females. They are all posing for a picture attached arm to arm.

Congratulations to our 2022 Honorees

Henry Marcantonio and Fran Sullivan, Encore Award
Katlyn Baskin, Brandon Jones, Louie Marin-Howard, and Anna Shaffner, 
Lifeline Award

As always, we are most grateful to our major sponsors:

Company Champion
Gregory S. Gallick, M.D. and Staff

Education Enthusiasts
Leah and Jeff Kronthal/Kronthal Family Foundation
North Star Media

Performance Patrons
Robin and Russell Aubrey
The Merrill G. And Emita E. Hastings Foundation
Joan Chiang Paulin and Dominique Paulin

DEPTH Donors
Diane Ash
Ronald A. Brown
Kathi R. Levin
Steven L. Nehmer, M.D. and
Paige Albano, Esq.

Dancer Devotees
Elizabeth Demkin
The Pacicco Family
Betsy and Joel Sobo

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