Silent Echoes (2008)
“Dorfman, Kahan Collaboration Bears Emotionally Charged Fruit”

Carolyn Dorfman and company join forces with Norwegian, Jewish actress/vocalist Bente Kahan in dance, music and theater collaboration that embraces the best of Dorfman and Kahan’s individual repertoires and cabaret-style intimacy. SILENT ECHOES is an integration of Dorfman’s tour de force, Cat’s Cradle, Kahan’s powerful one-woman theater piece, Voices of Theresienstadt, new choreography, live music and text. They blur the lines between art forms as they continue their individual and collective explorations of their common heritage and vision.

Consummate storytellers, they dip into the historical “cauldron” of faith, survival and renewal to reveal a celebrated body of work that honors their Eastern European Jewish heritage and reveals their inner worlds as children of survivors of the Holocaust.

“Together, they are creating works that are charged — emotionally and intellectually. Kahan’s rich, tender renderings mingled fear with hope, despair with a communal caring.” – DAILY GAZETTE

“With those songs as the foundation, Dorfman, whose parents were survivors of the Holocaust, made plain Kahan’s undercurrent of sadness with unflinching tableaux — a woman caught in a snare, bodies collapsing after chores and cheery vaudevillian skits that ended by dropping dead.” – DAILY GAZETTE

Full program details available upon request

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