The Legacy Project (2008)
The Legacy Project: Extraordinary art and process that celebrates culture and legacy and builds bridges within and across communities.

Carolyn Dorfman Dance honors her Jewish legacy, its trials and triumphs, treasured uniqueness and precious commonalities across cultures and the globe. Among Ms. Dorfman’s preeminent works is the Legacy Project, a celebrated body of compositions that merge live dance, multimedia presentation and interactive dialogue to honor faith, survival and renewal as the cornerstones of her Eastern European roots and Jewish heritage. As a child of Holocaust survivors, Dorfman reveals her heritage through dance stories that interweave the common threads of our humanity. The Legacy Project explores the rich tapestry of human experience and tradition through interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration. The Legacy Project programming utilizes not only narrated performances, but also master classes, lecture/performances, workshops and panel discussions to explore themes of immigration, equality, and humanity through the powerful universal language of dance.

The Legacy Project Repertory
Mayne Mentshn – Full evening work
Dance/Stories – Full evening work
Tikkun – 23 minutes
Echad – 30 minutes
Odisea – 12 minutes
Silent Echoes – Full evening work
American Dream
(from Mayne Mentshn) – 36 minutes
The Klezmer Sketch
(from Mayne Mentshn) – 28 minutes
Cat’s Cradle – 20 minutes
Cries of the Children – 21 minutes

Carolyn Dorfman Dance can provide:

  • Study guides for all programming
  • High resolution photography for publication or graphic design
  • Program notes for work that provides context
  • Easily formatted press release information
  • Letters that are appropriate for various constituents and audiences that presenters may want to contact
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