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Artists throughout all generations have reflected contemporary issues of their time and often have served in the role of Citizen Artist. Carolyn Dorfman is one such artist, capturing those stories, emotions, and ideas in the poignant dances and programming that she has created over the last 35 years. Her work invites us to Be Part of the Movement…of dance…of activism…of hope.

We hope we can count on you during this special year for Carolyn Dorfman Dance.

During this holiday time and our 35th anniversary season, we want you to know that we are more inspired than ever to fulfill our mission of opening dialogue between artist and audience through performance, education and community programs that affirm the power of dance to Entertain, Enlighten, Engage and Connect. Be Part of the Movement! Through donors like you in our 34th season, we achieved major milestones:

  • Reached over 14,000 patrons and students across the US and internationally.
  • Toured for the first time in our history, sponsored by the US Department of State, on a return multi-city tour to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our immersive Omaha, Nebraska tour was sponsored by the Institute for Holocaust Education and Omaha Performing Arts.
  • Employed over 52 artists, including our 11-member ensemble; performed 25 concerts at home and abroad; and conducted close to 500 masterclasses with students from Grade 3 through the professional level.
  • Raised over $25,000 by our Board of Trustees for the DEPTH (Dance that Empowers People To be more Human) Initiative. More than half of the funds were used to bring our programming to new schools in Paterson, Union City, and New Brunswick, NJ and to more than 1000 elementary students from the five boroughs of New York.

This year is starting off strong with tours planned across NJ and in Florida. We will premiere a ground-breaking collaboration between Carolyn and Renée Jaworski, former CDD dancer and Co-Artistic Director of the renowned Pilobolus. For the first time, Carolyn was the cover story in the November 2017 Dance Teacher magazine, a national publication. We will be creating Dance Union, the first-ever dance festival celebrating dance in our county, along with countless masterclasses and assembly programs in urban and suburban schools across the New York metro area and beyond.

In celebration of our longevity and community building work, please consider a gift of at least $135 via our donation page. Your commitment and generosity will allow us to keep our performances and programs accessible to people of all backgrounds, ages, disabilities and socio-economic levels. Carolyn’s artistry will continue to be a source of creativity, inspiration, and social action.

Thank you for Be(ing) Part of the Movement. Wishing you a joyous holiday season of peace and hope.

Anita Thomas Signature Carolyn Dorfman Signature
Anita Thomas
Executive Director
Carolyn Dorfman
Founder/Artistic Director


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