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We’re thrilled to announce the premiere on Alone/Together – a new video work created in collaboration with the Ballet of National Theater Sarajevo and composer Svjetlana Bukvich.

In this time of great uncertainty and physical distancing, two artistic friends reached across thousands of miles to create a work that reinforces the unifying power of dance and the triumph of the human spirit. Carolyn Dorfman and Belma Čečo Bakrač, the ballet choreographer of the Ballet of National Theater Sarajevo, have asked their dancers to work with each other to choreograph a piece that celebrates their common bond.  Alone/Together also features music by contemporary Sarajevo composer Svjetlana Bukvich, who has composed two other Carolyn Dorfman Dance works. 

Click on the video embedded below to watch now!



Choreography: Belma Čečo Bakrač, Carolyn Dorfman, and the dancers

Carolyn Dorfman Dance: Samantha Altenau, Jarred Bosch, Nina Chong-Jimenez, Caroline Dietz, Quincy Dow, Lara Friedman-Kats, Brandon Jones, Robert Rubama, Katlyn Waldo, Martin Austin (Training Apprentice)

National Theater Ballet Sarajevo: Bajramović Lejla, Čmančanin Til, Efendić Selma, Kalkan Admir, Kečo Zulejha

Music and Lyrics by Svjetlana Bukvich, featuring the Lafayette Chorale

Graphic Design: Anna Shaffner

Photography: S. Omerbašić and Vandy Photography

Production Design/Video Editor: Madeline Moore

This project was designed remotely and was made creatively possible via Zoom and Google Earth Pro.

Copyright © 2020 by Carolyn Dorfman Dance. All Rights Reserved.


“Restaging Echad” is a two-part series taking you behind the scenes as the company restages one of Carolyn’s most iconic works for our 2016 Gala Benefit Performance.

Part 2 is written by dancer Jenny Gillan-Powell, and focuses on her experience learning Echad.

Part 1, by Associate Artistic Director and ‘Echad’ original cast member Jacqueline Dumas Albert, is available here.

Echad will be performed at NJPAC on April 8, 2016. Tickets are on sale now.


It has been quite the journey to learn Echad this season with Carolyn Dorfman Dance. Our first rehearsal was back in October and Jacquie introduced us to the 9th company member of this piece… “The Wheel”. My first impressions of the wheel were: Ouch this hurts! Wow that metal is cold! Jeez that is sooo heavy! Holy moly I’m terrified! Why Carolyn… Whhhyyy?

Echad rehearsal

The opening section where we first interact with the wheel is know as “The Caravan”. This was one of the first sections we workshopped with Jacquie. I would say this was probably the most challenging section to master as so much of the flow and grace relies on where each dancers’ weight projects and balances on the wheel. The grips of how we all hold, and which specific rung we place our feet and hands on, is also super-important. My caravan movement is to hold on and connect my right side and back flip with the movement of the wheel as Katlyn catches me in my descent.

My initial thoughts while attempting my first backflip with the wheel were, “Wow, this feels like a really scary carnival ride with no seat belt.” I heard myself say, “never let go Jenny… never let go.” Luckily what goes around, comes around – so, I thankfully made it back down to solid ground in one piece. I felt a little shaken and dizzy but was glad to have that first attempt over with! That first week of rehearsals me and many other dancers developed black and blue bruises and scrapes all over from the wheel. Epsom salt baths were definitely needed on the weekend.

Needless to say, the more we rehearsed and all became acquainted with the wheel’s energy, personality (yes, personality), and movement, we learned that the wheel is consistent. It is us, the dancers, that needed to learn to dance with the wheel, and not against it.

Echad rehearsal

Over the past few months, as we prepare for the gala, each run of Echad begins to feel stronger. We are continuing to work with Carolyn on finding our performance and letting the human story shine through the movement. The physical rigor of Echad is grueling, so I’ve began additional cardio training such as swimming and running to help with my stamina. This piece has definitely brought us together as a stronger company and team. We are all trusting each other and becoming more attuned to little details that begin to create the magic and not just the choreography. I am so thankful for this opportunity to work with Carolyn, Jacquie, and the beautiful company dancers in the recreation of Echad! I am honored that this piece was selected for us this season, and I look forward to the performances ahead.

See you all at the gala on April 8th at NJPAC!

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