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Dear Friend,

Last year, we asked the Carolyn Dorfman Dance community to Be Part of the Movement as we celebrated our 35th Anniversary Season. Donations allowed us to achieve several exciting FIRSTS:

Carolyn and Company premiered Snap Crackle Pop, with Renée Jaworski, co-Artistic Director of PILOBOLUS and former CDD dancer. For the FIRST time in its history, the internationally renowned PILOBOLUS co-created a new work on another dance company that will also become part of its repertory.

For the FIRST time, the company was invited to perform in the 6th annual WOMEN / CREATE! A Festival of Dance produced by Jennifer Muller in NYC alongside other established and noted female choreographers – Karole Armitage and Jacqulyn Buglisi.

The company produced the FIRST annual, three-day and county-wide Dance Union, a festival celebrating the vibrance and diversity of professional, pre-professional, and high school dance in our home county.

As 2019 approaches, here are six reasons to Continue the Movement. In addition to supporting all that we do, please…

1. Support our ten-day tour to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where we are Guest Artists for the Regional High School Dance Festival and providing masterclasses and workshops across the university and in the community.

2. Support the expansion of the 2nd annual Dance Union Festival, which will include providing free transportation and master classes for students and teachers, from four high schools in the county, to attend modern, ballet and Professional Development masterclasses with Carolyn and Company.

3. Support additional immersive performance and educational tours to the Lehigh Valley, including a performance at the ArtsQuest Center and help to cover the costs of providing master classes to Charter Arts High School, DeSales University, and Cedar Crest and Moravian Colleges.

4. Support our tour to the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia and master classes at George Mason University and the community.

5. Support our participation in the 7th annual WOMEN / CREATE! A Festival of Dance now moved to BAM Fisher in June 2019.


We are excited to be a part of these powerful and impactful opportunities that bring our mission to life. However, on tour, we are not always able to cover all our costs given the depth and breadth of our outreach throughout the communities we visit. A $35 donation will cover meals for a dancer for a day; $75 will cover the additional cost for a dancer to teach in a local residency; $100 will pay for a van rental for a day; $350 will feed the full company for one day and $500 will help to cover production costs for our participation in WOMEN / CREATE! A Festival of Dance. That said…ANY AMOUNT IS TRULY A GREAT GIFT!

Your continuous support has allowed us to grow in exponential and exemplary ways. We hope we can count on you again. Thank you for bringing the joy of dance to communities large and small.

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Anita Thomas
Executive Director

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Carolyn Dorfman
Founder/Artistic Director

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