Carolyn Dorfman Dance is so grateful to our generous sponsors and patrons for their support. While we wish our Gala and accompanying performance could be live, thank you for joining us online and helping us “THRIVE”. 

During the evening, Board of Trustees member Joan Chiang Paulin shared a beautiful, original poem that we invite you to enjoy:

Who would have thought COVID-19 would Snap Crackle Pop?
So many lives were lost & the whole world went on Pastorale Pause
As we mourn and try to understand
We don’t want our Dance Stories to end

The Silent Echoes of the past are awakened
WAVES of emotions have risen
When all the injustice & pain has gone Under My Skin, our skin
Will then we finally realize that Mayne Mentshn my people, your people and all people as one?

Modern life had us all tangled up in a Cat’s Cradle
The isolation gave us some time to untangle
When life is not Portrait Perfect
That’s when we find our true Keystone

Instead of Divide and Conquer
What we need is Tikkun Olam
We learn, we love, we heal
And that’s The Legacy Project we continue to build

In addition, Carolyn and and dancers prepared this special video:

Finally, we’d like to thank this year’s sponsors, for their generosity and support:

Company Champions
Henry S. and Mala Dorfman Foundation
Gregory S. Gallick, M.D. and Staff 
Dr. Ann Stock and Arshad Zakaria/Zakaria Family Foundation

Education Enthusiast
Leah and Jeff Kronthal/Kronthal Family Foundation

Creation Collaborator
Geri and Mason Haupt

Performance Patrons
Robin and Russell Aubrey
Gail and Clifford Schob, M.D./Comprehensive Orthopaedics, P.A

Scholarship Sweethearts
Diane Ash
Joan Chiang Paulin and Dominique Paulin
Drucker, Math, and Whitman, PC
Lynne and Elliot Glantz
Kathi R. Levin
Mensch and Severyn Families
The Merrill G. and Emita E. Hastings Foundation
Steven L. Nehmer, M.D. and Paige Albano, Esq.
Don Jay and Linda Smith

Dancer Devotees
Andrea and Evan Berez
Debbie and Jay Berez
Lindsay and Brian Berez
Melanie and Alan Levitan
Michele and John Scioscia/Summit Physical Therapy

Admin Admirers
A. Richard Aitken, Jr., Building-Contractor LLC
Jacquie Dumas Albert and Matt Albert
Mel Batman
Marc and Mindy Friedman
Gabriella Karp
Joanne Leone
Fran and Henry Marcantonio
Ken Maldonado
The Polsky Family
Melinda Wolfe and Ken Inadomi
Ethel Wesley

Studio Superheros
Lisa Altshuler and Leon Goldstein
Susan and Alan Coen
Elizabeth Demkin
Garrett Gilman Garnos
Rabbi Stuart Gershon
Daphne Johnson-Jones
Keyana Jones-Nikaamen
Jersey City Theater Center
Angela Kane
Allen Maniker
Bonnie Monte
Rosanne Moxley
Mark Stephens
Virginia Richmond
Lana and Fred Rosenberg
Baraka Sele
Jennifer Tsukayama
Vicki Ziccarello

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