Dear Carolyn Dorfman Dance Community,

Our founder/artistic director, Carolyn Dorfman, along with the dancers, staff, and trustees of Carolyn Dorfman Dance hope you are feeling well and staying safe.

We are living in unimaginable times – pandemic times.

How do we keep our sanity?

By remembering the beauty in life. And how much we will emerge from this crisis smarter and wiser about what is truly most important in life.

At this time of rising fear and tension, how do we bring out the best in ourselves?

By remembering we are all interconnected – and interdependent.

We have a responsibility to protect our loved ones, our fellow human travelers, and the medical professionals who are putting their lives on the line for us.

This is a life-changing global crisis. What matters most is how we shall choose to respond:

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks writes, “One of the greatest challenges in free societies is to maintain a balance between the ‘I’ of self-interest and the ‘We’ of the common good…There is within each of us an ‘I’ that asks: “what’s in it for me?’ But there is also a ‘We’ that knows ‘we are all in this together.’

We will get through this – by “pulling together and looking after each other.” Carolyn Dorfman Dance is here for you. Take good care and stay safe!

Rabbi Stuart Gershon
Board of Trustees

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